Inconnu is a brand new concept album by composer Andy Cox, which tells an emotional story set during World War One and the present day. It shows how several generatiosn of the same family have been tragically affected by war over the past century but maybe the cycle will be broken...
When the album is released all proceeds will be donated to Walking With The Wounded, a UK charity that helps re-train and re-educate wounded service personnel after they leave the armed forces. In particular the money will support their Head Start campaign, which focuses on helping those who have sustained mental health injuries as a result of their service.
The album has been supported and includes performances from John Nettles, Mark Benton, Lucy Benjamin, Faryl Smith and vocal harmony group Blake.
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or listen to a montage of pre-production tracks on Andy's Sound Cloud feed below.
Yggdrasil - The World Tree
This was a commission for the 75th Anniversary Gala Performance of Te Mayhew School of Dance & Performing Arts. It was conceived and composed by Andy Cox and choreographed by the school's principle Fiona Sheehan. You can listen to the track on Andy's Sound Cloud feed below.
I Will Be There
This song is the closing anthem from Inconnu by Andy Cox and was released as a single to raise money for Walking With The Wounded. The track was performed by Britains Got Talent runner up Faryl Smith and can be downloaded through all good music download sites. You can also watch the music video below.
The Boudiccae
This was a commission to compose the sound track for a short film telling the stories of three mothers and their disabled children. The film was written by Dr. Andrew Williams for the NHS and will be shown at seminars across the country to help improve services for simialr familes. Listen to the Epilogue below.